Company History


September 1971, Vinyl International Panels Ltd. was incorporated.  We established in Calgary to best service our customers in Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.


We rented a 6,000 square foot warehouse and started promoting our products, which were vinyl clad lauan plywood wall and ceiling panels, vinyl clad finger jointed pine battens, inside and outside corners for the manufactured housing and recreational industry as well as 2-sided vinyl clad particle board for the cabinet and millwork industries.



The Canadian Standards Association of Canada declared that lauan plywood faced with vinyl or ink printed surface had to attain a 150 or less flame spread rating. Therefore, we had our adhesive supplier add retardants to their formula and after several testing attempts we were successful in obtaining our certification.



As our markets grew, vinyl clad gypsum panels became very popular. So in 1978, we bought our first gypsum panel laminator.  We produced 3/8”, ½” and 5/8” vinyl clad gypsum panels with a Class-A flame spread rating of 20 or less.



In 1981 – 82, we developed a ¼” fibreglass reinforced gypsum panel trademarked and work marked Vipsum 71®.  The name Vipsum 71® was derived, “Vip” from Vinyl International Panels, “Sum” from Gypsum and “71” as it was the year we incorporated. Vipsum 71® has a Class-A flame spread rating of 20 or less.



In the 1990s we advanced into foil and melamine facing in both solid colours and wood grains for our panels and mouldings.



In 2001 we started a millwork division to produce almost all our moulding requirements in-house.  We then overlay a custom finish to fulfill our customer needs.  We named the finished profiles Viptrim.


Viptrim is used in several applications in various fields such as windows, doors, casings, picture frames, cabinets, furniture components, shelving, and other products.


That same year we changed the company name to Vipco Industries Inc., as we were now producing more than vinyl panels and mouldings.



In 2009 Vipco received the CCMC approval for Vipsum 71® Gold in use for manufactured housing.  This was an important approval as it allows Vipsum 71® Gold to be used instead of ½” standard drywall in manufactured housing.  Vipsum 71® Gold is reinforced with fibreglass fibers to meet and exceed ½” standard drywall, this allows the manufacturers to take advantage of a thinner, lighter and stronger board.


Today - We have laminating machines, an in-house millwork department, a profile wrapper, demountable wall partitions system and vinyl covered drywall lay in ceiling tiles.  We also offer a "cut-to-size" service for tiles, panels and mouldings.  We are leaders in the industry and work to provide our customers with timely solutions to their problems.

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